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F-14 Tomcat Association Attendees

Bruce Anderson

Mark & Susan Clemente

Matt Crawford

Joseph DeTuro, Matthew DeTuro

Didier Duchemin, Sabine Meloen

Bill Fitzgerald

Marc & Michele Flagg

Ken "Wahoo" Ginader

Stan Harley, Gigi Toft

Charlie Holden

Bryan Kust

Eric Lampela

Steve "Jacques" & Kerry LaVoie

Stephen "Grinder" & Renee Morris

John "Nano" & Maura Nankervis

Brian Norris

Daniel Peterson

Mike & Lisa Rabens

Ed Riley

Lauren Siegel

Mark & Allyson Swaney

Rob Todd

James Watterson

Chris Webber

Woody & Donna Wood

Joseph Zablocki

Several members of
VF-32, VF-102, and VF-213 are planning to attend the
Big Fighter Friday
party at the Downtown
Ft. Worth Sheraton! 
Check with your shipmates and plan to come join the fun!”

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