2022 USS Okanogan Attendees

Dick Palazzolo and Margie Callahan-Palazzolo

Tom and Mary Ann Schaefer

Danny and Constance Keasler

Joe and Marybeth Mascal

Larry and Sandy Cleveland

Richard Keel and guest Lottie Richmond

Cliff and Karen Perkins

Dave and Carolyn Meierhoff

Emmett Hayes Jr

Garry and Mary Lou Mulick

Larry and Faye Black

Barry and Cheryl White

Bill and Marty Greer

Gordon and Darlene Arnspiger

Orville "Bud" and Rebecca "Becky" Heil

Ray and Joann Puleo

Ronald Howell and guests Kathy Howell, Jackie Howell, Derek Wilson, Linday Meissner, and Carl Schniers

Don and Betty Dowden

Colin and Beth Carney

Jim Williams

Michael Duncan

Franky and Cheryl Singleton and guests Deloris Granstaff, Carolyn Jeegan, Jeff Singleton, Jamie Marchand, and Tod Marchand

Walter Hancock

Scott Broome and Debbie Young