Old Antarctic Explorers Association Attendees

Larry Lackey

Diane Hallett and Lee Darnell

George and Laura Lusk

Tim and Anna Truesdell

Bill and Coco Rouzer

Peter Kearney and Linda Munden

Bradford Miller

Marty and Beverly Diller

Steven Smith

Richard Pillsbury and guest Shelly Johnson

Carl Miller

John Lamont West and guests Richard Darst and Arie Miller

Ronnie Ackerman

Jimmy "Jim" Don and Barbara Volner

David and Anne Hazard

Joyce Hopkins

George and Paulette Wood with guest Philip Wood

Jim and Barbara Donelson

Allison Barden and Bryan Kiechle

James Aldridge

Philip and Mary Hinshaw

Bill Spindler

Steve and Mary Bryant

James and Amy McClure

David and Julie Ellefson

Harold and Frances MacPherson Jr

William and Kathryn Fox

Ronald Stone