2022 AFTAC WWR Attendees

W. Bryce and Susan Dunn

Walter Hartley

Gary Templar and guest Vickie McCarty

Harm and Donna Aning

Arlin and Carolyn Massey

William Hosch Jr and guest Elizabeth Toole

Dave and Susan Brown

David Tarquino

Michael and Thera Clark

David Hursey

Daniel and Betty Gilb

Charles Conrad

Michael Johnston and guest Scott Johnston

John Horsch

James "Gindy" Gindlesperger

Bruce Deffler

Larry and Susan Silhanek

Ed Lindsay

Thomas and Judy Niquette

John "Wally" Jones and Sharilyn Marshall

Franklin Hall and guest Rosa Levka

Frank and Edna Calenda

Greg and Karen England

Patrick "Pat" and Sally Deabenderfer

John "Jack" O'Connor and Kathleen Garringer

Terry and Patricia Hammond

Donald and Janice Whitney

Michael Higgins

Tony and Louise DeMarco

Sean "Radar" Ryan

Gene and Deanna Melchior

Steve and Pamela Rice

Jim and Diane Whidden

Phil Godfrey

Judy and George Henderson

Michael and Teresita McCelellan

Doris Bruner

Rick Manley

Richard and Mila Carr

Herb Jordan

Lloyd and Michelle French

Bob and Margo Miller